Looking for a Half-Sibling

A photo essay to accompany a story on searching for one's half-sibling in Seoul, South Korea.

Clear Mandate

Clear Mandate is a visual conversation between photographers KHOOGJ and Juliana Tan during the Singapore General Election 2020. It was a project conceived on Instagram with the duo putting out diptychs of their images, one from each photographer, as a call and response to the campaigns and issues surrounding the election during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Alternate: Strawberry Cheesecake

While working as a set photographer on a film set, I started imagining a parallel universe – one that exists on a different plane of existence from the story that was being told. An alternate universe?

Atlas (Work-in-progress)

This series follows a start-up land based fish farm in urban city Singapore. As the country aims to wean off  30% of its dependence on imported food by 2030, high-tech and sustainable farms like Atlas Aquaculture are part of the effort to achieve this goal.

At Work

A portrait series of artists, creatives and dreamers in New York and Los Angeles.


An essay of a moment in Cuba across 6 cities as winds of change swept across the country.

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