Chee Er Furniture Co.

Chee Er Furniture is a carpentry workshop skilled in traditional Shanghainese carpentry. It opened in 1978 and had handcrafted countless solid furniture pieces over the years.

Due to shifting demand for bespoke carpentry and the pandemic, Chee Er Furniture closed its doors for retirement in 2021.

Clear Mandate

Clear Mandate is a visual conversation between photographers KHOOGJ and Juliana Tan during the Singapore General Election 2020. It was a project conceived on Instagram with the duo putting out diptychs of their images, one from each photographer, as a call and response to the campaigns and issues surrounding the election during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Looking for a Half-Sibling

A photo essay to accompany a story on searching for one's half-sibling in Seoul, South Korea.


This series follows a start-up land based fish farm in urban city Singapore. As the country aims to wean off  30% of its dependence on imported food by 2030, high-tech and sustainable farms like Atlas Aquaculture are part of the effort to achieve this goal.

At Work

A portrait series of artists, creatives and dreamers in New York and Los Angeles.


An essay of a moment in Cuba across 6 cities as winds of change swept across the country.

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